Woman who unknowingly had a baby with undercover police officer awarded £425,000

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An undercover police officer left a firebomb in a department store as part of his efforts to infiltrate a group of animal rights campaigners, an MP claimed today. Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party, said she had seen a witness statement alleging an undercover officer called Bob Lambert - who went under the alias Bob Robinson - planted the device in Debenhams department store in Harrow as he tried to prove his worth to the Animal Liberation Front.

Bob Lambert started a relationship with a member of the group he was infiltrating (Picture: File)

A woman who had a baby with a man whom she later discovered was an undercover police officer is to be paid £425,000 in compensation.

Bob Lambert was working as part of the covert Special Demonstration Squad which infiltrated environmental and animal rights groups when he met the woman in 1984.

The woman, known only as Jacqui, started a relationship with Mr Lambert, who was using the alias Bob Robinson, and became pregnant with his child.

Having previously claimed that she felt like she had been ‘raped by the state’, the woman told the Guardian that the hefty sum would not bring her closure as the police have not admitted fault.

‘I don’t know if he was paid overtime to be with me during the 14 hours of labour I went through giving birth to our son. I feel violated,’ she added.

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The court heard how she also required psychiatric treatment and even considered suicide after discovering the true identity of Mr Lambert.

Ten other women are currently trying to sue the Metropolitan Police after discovering men they were in relationships with were undercover officers.

The Special Demonstration Squad, which was formed to combat British based protest groups was disbanded in 2008, however in 2013 it was revealed that the controversial branch investigated the family of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence with the intention of smearing him in the case.

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