Women with male friends get more sex than women with female friends

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A girl surrounded by men gets more sex, scientists have found.

That’s obvious, you might say. But it is not as obvious as you’d think.

It comes down to sexual rivalry, scientists say.

‘Men are sexually aroused by their partner when they estimate a greater likelihood of partner infidelity,’ Michael Pham of Oakland University told Fusion.

So when a girl has lots of male friends or colleagues, the more sex her partner will want to have with her – especially if he believes the men fnid his partner attractive.

‘If they estimate a greater likelihood of their partner’s infidelity, then they may (subconsciously) want to have sex with her to enter into sperm competition,’ says Pham.

Sperm wars: Two different sperm meeting inside a female will fight to the death (Picture: Trond/Flickr)

Sperm wars: Two different sperm meeting inside a female will fight to the death (Picture: Trond/Flickr)

Sperm competition occurs at a sub-conscious level, says Pham.

The same behaviour is seen in various animals too, and it’s basically a way of asserting your sperm’s influence over your rivals – by making sure there’s more of it around.

‘Non-human males attend to a number of potential sexual rivals in the local environment to assess sperm competition risk,’ Pham says. ‘Males of these species sometimes perform more frequent in-pair copulations to increase the likelihood of success in sperm competition.’

The fact is that sperm will literally fight to the death inside the female.

A byproduct of this function is illustrated by men watching different types of porn.

Males watching two men have sex with one woman will ejaculate more than a man watching two women with one man. It’s the old rivalry thing again.

The idea of potential sperm wars ignites a subliminal sperm-related competitive streak – and the body does the rest.

(Photo: Flickr/Trond)

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